Quest Crew and Kaba Modern Perform at Knott’s Berry Farm

Quest Crew and Kaba Modern Perform at Knott’s Berry Farm

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 This past Saturday, July 18, 2009, Season 3 winner of MTV’s “Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew along with Season 1’s Kaba Modern took to the stage at Knott’s Berry Farm for the Kababayan Fest.

 It was a packed crowd as the ABDC fans waited in the blazing heat for Quest Crew and Kaba Modern to set the stage on fire with their choreo and bboy moves.

 First up was Kaba Modern as they started with their signature moves to a bullet track then blazed into the choreographic grooves. It was a sight to see as the performance included all the Kaba Modern members.


 Once the crowd was roaring, in stepped Quest Crew. Performing their routine based upon a majority of their performance pieces from ABDC. Stepping in for Steve Terada in his signature push flip was Ryan Conferido. Steve recently hurt his ankle but it didn’t totally sideline him from the performance. Poor Terada as he was also performing with a cold/flu. 

 Once their main piece was done, D-Trix Sandoval took a moment to introduce two more members of Quest Crew, Aris Paracuelles and Lydia Paek. Lydia is also known as a member of Boxcuttuhz from the same season that Quest Crew competed in.

Alas, the end of the performance. The crowd went nuts as they met Quest Crew and Kaba for the meet and greet.

You can check out the craziness at 


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