“Book of Eli” takes control of Hollywood Blvd

“Book of Eli” takes control of Hollywood Blvd

by / No Comments / 97 View / January 13, 2010

This past Monday, Hollywood Blvd was shut down for the Los Angeles Premiere of Warner Bros. Entertainment’s “Book of Eli” starring Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman and Mila Kunis. As the premiere commenced, fan across the way were exhibiting their excitement with screams and hollers as they waited for celebrities to arrive on the carpet.

Denzel was looking dapper along with his wife Pauletta. When he arrived, fans were so excited to see him as they screamed for Denzel to cross the street. Gary Oldman also drew a lot of hollers from the fans as he made his way across the street to greet them before walking down the red carpet.

For Mila Kunis, it looked like an exciting time for her as she walked down the carpet in a nice short sheer black dress. I think someone forgot to tell Kunis to get rid of her gum as she posed on the carpet. One photographer yelled out, “Don’t forget to get rid of the gum.” Kunis gave a quick smile. 

Jennifer Beals arrived in color with her emerald hued gown as she posed on the carpet. Beals looked stunning walking down the carpet.

Sports stars took to the carpet also. Former baseball player Dave Winfield and his wife showed up to support Denzel. Another big sports star was Magic Johnson along with wife Cookie. Speaking of sports stars, actor Quinton Aaron made his way through the carpet as he smiled for the cameras. Aaron played NFL football player Michael Oher in “The Blindside.

Celebrities that showed up included Jesse Metcalfe sporting a new rugged masculine look except for his well coiffed eyebrows, Ice Cube, Brandon T. Jackson and Rosario Dawson. There were quite a few celebrities who didn’t walk the carpet including Masi Oka,

Taraji P. Henson was a bit starstuck as she saw Magic Johnson on the carpet. Miss Henson was a star herself as she looked lovely in her curve shaping black dress. Taraji almost took a spill has she was walking to another spot to pose for the cameras. Thank goodness she caught herself from tripping and falling. She was able to compose herself quickly as she made it seem like it was part of her walk.

Out of the nights women, Rosario Dawson received a lot of ohhs and ahhs as she removed her coat to reveal a gray and lavender tinged dress.

“The Book of Eli” opens nationwide on Friday, January 15, 2010.


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