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Japanese and New Zealand junior crews take control of world junior prelims

By Peter Gonzaga Las Vegas, NV – It was no surprise that New Zealand and Japan ranked high in the world junior preliminaries of the 2012 Hip Hop International World Dance Championships.

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Pacific Rim Nations rules again along with USA at World MegaCrew Prelims

By Peter Gonzaga Las Vegas, NV – It was another big night for Pacific Rim nations as Royal Family (New Zealand), UP Streetdance Club & LaSalle Dance Company Street (Philippines) along with Academy of Brothers from Australia took spots in…

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‘Family Guy’s’ MacFarlane Hits the Big Screen with ‘Ted’

By ANGELA DAWSON Front Row Features HOLLYWOOD—TV audiences know Seth MacFarlane as the creator of the hit animated series “Family Guy” and the voices of its irrepressible baby, Stewie and goofball father, Peter. MacFarlane now makes his big screen directorial…

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Chris Pine is Down to Earth in ‘People Like Us’

By ANGELA DAWSON Front Row Features HOLLYWOOD—Chris Pine rocketed to stardom in 2009 when he took over the iconic role of Captain James T. Kirk in J.J. Abrams’ reboot of the sci-fi classic “Star Trek” franchise.

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Lythgoe didn’t think “So You Think You Can Dance” wouldn’t get off the ground

By Peterson Gonzaga Front Row Features Wire / Pacific Rim Video Hollywood – As season 9 wrapped up its Las Vegas auditions, “So You Think You Can Dance” celebrated its 200th episode taping this past Monday, June 25, along with…

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