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Sharon Cuneta turns “Megathirty”

Sharon Cuneta turns “Megathirty”

LOS ANGELES – For 30 years, Sharon Cuneta has shared her life with us through her songs, television shows and films that have endeared her to our hearts. Sharon took that one step further of bringing us closer to her…

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Hugh Jackman hangs with Oscar

Hugh Jackman hangs with Oscar

Hugh Jackman, who hosted the most recent Oscar show, has been invited to join the club. Last year’s acting nominees Anne Hathaway, Viola Davis, Taraji P. Henson,

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Jay-z gets wet with Sony

Jay-z gets wet with Sony

(NEW YORK) – Jay-Z has inked a distribution deal with Sony for his Roc Nation label, the Brooklyn-born rapper confirmed last week. “Sony is Roc Nation. That’s where Roc Nation’s going through,” Jay-Z said Friday (June 29). As for the…

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YJ Multitab Parameters

YJ Multitabs Module

This simple but powerful module will help you utilize some space on your website and give your website Web 2.0 feel. Using Mootools to fade and slide between the tabs. This is version updatability to 1.0.1 which allows you to…

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YJNS5 Module Parameters

YJNS5 Joomla News Slider

YJNS5 is enhanced version of YJNS1 module with added bottom aligned playlist and additional features.   Display any amount of news items Display news items from any Joomla news category or section Random, most popular or standard Joomla ordering news…

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