Fans go crazy for Evans and Hudgens at the World Premiere of “Captain America: The First Avenger”

by / No Comments / 360 View / July 22, 2011

Hollywood Blvd became the center of patriotism as the world premiere of “Captain America: The First Avenger” took over the street with a red and white striped carpet and blue backdrop greeting the talent and guests. Also lining the carpet were Harley Davidson motorcycles that help create the excitement of the event.

Helping to start the arrivals of the premiere included the original actor who played Captain America himself, Reb Brown accompanied with his wife Cisse Cameron. Reb played the in the made-for-TV version films and series pilot in the late 1970’s.

Fast forward to 2011 as Chris Evans had taken on the role of Steve Rogers/Captain America. Interestingly, he originally turned down the role because he was intimidated by the possibility of being a big time celebrity. There’s no turning back as Chris was inundated by with yells and screams from fans to walk over to them and sign autographs.

Photographers were also calling out to Evans to pose for them. Apparently, Evans doesn’t like to pose that much as it looks like the lights and flashes hurts his eyes. Evans only posed for a few moments as he squinted his eyes while trying to pose for the cameras. This reporter can feel his pain as those flashes can really blind a person dependent on how strong the flashes are.

Co-star Hayley Atwell also caused a commotion as she arrived on the carpet wearing a red spaghetti strap gown. Atwell plays Peggy Carter in the film.

One celebrity guest fans and photographers were waiting for was Vanessa Hudgens. As all the talent from the film finally arrived to the premiere, the majority of photographers had left to rush over to other events that were happening in the city of movie stars. For those who decided to wait patiently, their wait paid off as Vanessa showed up in a new hair style, short and cropped. She was also wearing a short one piece golden tan dress that accentuated her lovely legs. She seemed a bit aware of her new hair style as she kept touching hair and neck.

Unfortunately, Hudgens had to rush into the theatre and did not do interviews as she had to take care of some personal business.

“Captain America: The First Avenger” opens Friday, July 22, 2011.

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